Monday, July 20, 2009

Why not to be a dreamer's cat

A quick rough watercolor painting.

It so happened that I met a timid little cat on the stairway to my floor. I patted her, gently rubbed her head and went away. Her eyes I realized followed me till I had disappeared behind the door. Strangely so, I had a dream that night where I am a kid in a dingy old house with my paintings all over the walls and the little cat I met the same night, sleeping next to me. Don't remember much of the other details but then both of us started floating in the air. When I woke up in the morning, I just couldn't get over the idea of painting this.

So what you see, though is not one of the neatest attempts, but I cherish it nevertheless!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Long time...

Yeah... seems like a pretty long time since my last post. Shifted to my new hostel. Arranged myself a bit, and yes... back to colors.

The first post is the view through my window- a lot of construction going on.

The second is another of the random attempts to learn water colors.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pages of my Intern Work

My internship under Abhishek Singh was enlightening. It was here that I decided to remove all the shoddy work I had done... was cathartic for me to an extent. Anyway, I feel good with the new posts.

These are the final six pages of my short story. People may find it linguistically deficient and obtrusively loose- because it is deliberate. And if you don't... THEN I really need to get back to my thinking desk. I try to chalk a character out that I don't expect to be grammatically honed. It is bound to have spices of Hindi all over her conversation. Otherwise she sounds pretentious and verbose. Anyway, lot of talking already!

Abhishek was happy with my work- gave me suggestions on where I could possibly improve. I am his humble fan! Keeps motivating me for better work.

Workshop by Milind Mulick

Milind Mulick took a two day workshop in watercolor painting. I don't know what more to add to defend the inadequacy I experience in the company of good mentors... but yeah... I did try, right... I did try to learn something.

It is a shame that I hadn't been into water colours all these years. Anyway, ditch the cribbing here.

Powai Lake

Some brush explorations again...


Some stuff I did in the initial stages of my internship. Ink and brush work.

Dedicated to Abhishek Singh.