Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Centrefruit Ravana

One of my designs is finally on youtube (courtesy my previous employer)- just a ten seconder though... nothing much to brag about! This was the first time I got exposed to the issues 3d modellers face with a design. What came out was pretty different from the final design on paper but nevertheless I am happy it has found a space on youtube. Copyrights belong to Cornershop Animation Pvt. Ltd.

A little insider: The story we had done had a lot of stuff- each head was a different personality- one was sort of 'the perpetual angry', the other a whiner, one lazy, one snob, one whimsy cynical, a goofy, etc etc! The hand was planned to be digging the third head's (left from centre) nose. Two would be banging each other's heads due to a conflict... the whiner would howl, and the centre head would just yawn in boredom. We had to chop it all off when we got the ten second deadline. Huh! Deadlines... grrrr! Must acknowledge Atul, Aadesh, Ajay, Rupesh and Paresh (apologies, in case I am missing anyone out!) who worked on the production :)