Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wassup Candy Kid?

Many of you who do not know that I have been working on my student film even after my graduation, might be interested in the new look of the old film. It was hard working between jobs, and though the film's post production is over, I am still struggling to get the music in place. I do not know, how much time that would take. But it'll surely be the day when I finally look ahead :)

You might be familiar with two of the clips. The older version is available here. Hope you like what has been done with it :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

That Madam Q!

A addtional note: This is a fictional character. It has nothing do with this, this, this and her. Nor does it have any political reference. I got two Anonymous comments which I was unsure of publishing. I haven't yet deciphered what they meant. They had no links and did not seem malicious in any way. However, I refrained from publishing them due to their cryptic nature. I allow (to be read as welcome) all sorts of comments/suggestions/critiques etc, but do avoid posting seemingly harmful links in the comment section. This is however, that rare occasion when I made an exception.

I am pasting the comments here though. If any enthusiast wants to decode the message, he is most welcome to.

Comment 1: "Bush and the nurses are into SEC, and that came straight from COLES."
Comment 2: "Cheney talks REDPATH.
                     NICE - FRENCH FEES.
                     With HEINTZ."

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rejected Designs

A few exploration designs done for my last commission. They were looking for something less toony- so these landed here :) And by less toony I simply mean they had a certain style in mind- inclined more towards realistic art.