Tuesday, August 23, 2011

That Madam Q!

A addtional note: This is a fictional character. It has nothing do with this, this, this and her. Nor does it have any political reference. I got two Anonymous comments which I was unsure of publishing. I haven't yet deciphered what they meant. They had no links and did not seem malicious in any way. However, I refrained from publishing them due to their cryptic nature. I allow (to be read as welcome) all sorts of comments/suggestions/critiques etc, but do avoid posting seemingly harmful links in the comment section. This is however, that rare occasion when I made an exception.

I am pasting the comments here though. If any enthusiast wants to decode the message, he is most welcome to.

Comment 1: "Bush and the nurses are into SEC, and that came straight from COLES."
Comment 2: "Cheney talks REDPATH.
                     NICE - FRENCH FEES.
                     With HEINTZ."

1 comment:

Wayne B. Medina said...

Really love her shapes bro! love the attitude too! As for the cryptic comments...it's all jibberish to me man...what is wrong with people lol