Friday, June 8, 2012

Student film- THE CANDY TREE

Finally shared...

VIMEO hi-res click here

YOUTUBE link click here


PTMD said...

Damn that's a beautiful idea :) Followed you here from the Tinkle Digest cover comment thread on facebook... Great work!


Who can bring the sunshine ? The candyman can !!

Oh my god Somnath. I loved it so much . I have stalked your blog for a long enough time to know you are really talented but this is just so AWESOME.

The superman action figure on the fridge , the pudgy feet of the kid , him with the arrows chasing the dog , the shower rain and most of all him beating the drums to trick the seedling into thinking that its thunder.

Made me smile :)) I hope people in Disney pick you up soon .

Congratulations :)
P.S. If you would give me the permission I would love to share this on my FB wall.

Anonymous said...

Hi, how can I watch this video? Cannot find it anywhere! It says its private and needs a password.

Sami said...

@Anonymous: The password is- qwetidx34